FAQ's - MyDailyMathCoach

What is the cost? Traditional tutoring typically ranges from $20-$60 per session.The cost of the programs at MyDailyMathCoach are as little as $10 for the entire week.


What is coaching? How is that different than Tutoring? Tutoring typically happens in real-time, meaning a tutor and a student meet at the same place, at the same time and the student does practice while the tutor observes and gives corrective feedback. Coaching works differently. Students complete assignments at their own pace online, a coach pulls a detailed report of the students work and then supplies corrective feedback in the form of video tutorials, supplemental assignments, verbal corrections or a combination of the three.


Will this work for my child? That is a question that cannot be answered until I have had a chance to work with your child and see how they respond to this method of instruction. We provide free trials for this purpose so that we can see if mydailymathcoach will work for them.


Do we have to meet online at a certain time? No. The coaching programs are very flexible however we do arrange to have a specific time to log in and log out in order to keep your child accountable for the work. Our experience, however, has shown that students have regular log in times usually complete the work and have the most success with our programs.


What if my child forgets to log in? Part of the service that is provided is giving frequent reminders so that students are constantly aware of their responsibility to finish their work. These reminders can come in the form of text, email and even phone call. Acountability is a key part of the program. 


How often should my child be logging into their account? All of the programs are a minimum of one hour per week, however, the total amount of time invested can be determined between you and your child.


How do you handle payments? Payments are handled online through Paypal but check or money order can be arranged.


What if I want to discontinue the service? I don't know why you would want to do that : ) however, if you must, you can cancel at any time without any fees or penalities. If you take advantage of the advancepay and your child begins the program, no refunds are rewarded until the program time frame is completed.


What if my child is not understanding a concept, even with the videos? Your child may need to have someone explain how to work through certain problems. If your child is repeatedly stuck and the provided resources are not working, we may recommend that your child receive more traditional tutoring services.


When will I be billed? Invoices are sent out automatically every Monday.


When are bills due? Bills are due by the end of the service week.


Is there late fees for past-due bills? We ask that students pay within 7 days of service. If payment is not made in a timely manner then service may be discontinued.


What websites do you recommend? We recommend over a dozen different websites. All of the sites we use are available to you for free and we don't charge to use any of the websites. If any of our sites require any cost, we include the costs in the services we provide. For the most part, the websites we use are free. We add to our compiled list, daily, and many of them we retire if students do not find them interesting or engaging. Some of the best websites available are : www.Sokikom.com, www.KhanAcademy.org, www.mathfactspro.com, www.hoodamath.com, www.thatquiz.org and others